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Tiny Owl Dinner Radio

Hi all,

In 2 hours, my band Tiny Owl will be performing a live streaming show
tonight, starting at 7:00pm PDT (gmt minus 7 hours).
7pm - 8pm: Live music
8pm - 9pm: Recordings of previous live sets
9pm - 10pm: Move live music

You can hear us at www.zoka.com/tinyowl

This is in preparation for our May 17th performance at the Luggage
Store Gallery in San Francisco, with Kadet Kuhne and Dapplegrey

Tiny Owl is a San Francisco Bay Area quartet that improvises unique
combinations of krautrock, space music, industrial, and experimental
music. http://tinyowl.bandcamp.com/

Suki O'Kane - drums
Sebastian Krawczuk - double bass
Matt Davignon - drum machine & synth
Lance Grabmiller - computer & synth

Matt Davignon
Podcast! http://ribosomematt.podomatic.com