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RE: Looping with the LP1

Quoting Anders Bergdahl <anders_e_bergdahl@hotmail.com>:

Cool and great sounding stuff.. very interesting melodies.
Btw - how do you achieve a 14tet synth? I would love to break out of the 12tet limitations..Any more info on you modular?
A great listen.. thanks,

Thank you, Anders.

This link has a picture of my synth:


To do 14-TET, I set up the following control voltage path:

(Keyboard CV + Sequencer CV) --> Voltage Quantizer --> Attenuator --> 

I set the attenuator such that to play a 9th on the keyboard (i.e., Middle C to the D in the next octave) produces an octave shift from the VCO. Another way to put is that I change the 1/12 volt steps to 1/14 volt.

This is easy to do on an analog synthesizer. On some digital synthesizers, one can control the "Cents per step" to change the "Cents per step" to 85 (1200/14) to enable 14-tet.

Of course, you have to remember that an interval of a 9th on produces an octave change in pitch.

Thanks again for listening!  Glad you enjoyed it.

-- Kevin