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(Basic) Help Setting Up EDP

I just scored a really great deal on a used, but like-new EDP+. It'll arrive in a couple days, and I'm sitting here pondering how I'd like to incorporate it into my little studio rig that I'm building. I could use a little help/advice.

I'm planning on getting an Axe Fx II, and I'd put the EDP in its fx loop. The Axe would be connected to my MOTU interface, along with other devices--like a Boss DR-880 rhythm/bass machine. My studio monitors are connected to the MOTU's main outputs.

Here's the gist of my question, I guess. If I want to be able to loop more than just my guitar--in other words, let's say I want to add other instrumentation (like from the Boss DR-880, or maybe even some VI tracks/loops on my Macbook (I have Live and Logic on my Mac)--how would I go about getting those sounds into the EDP? Is my solution to get a mixer? I'm trying to envision how my signal would be routed, and that's where I'm getting stuck.

A more expensive option could be to get a SoundSculpture Switchblade 8B, in order to route all of my signals, I suppose, but funds are rather limited at the moment, and if I don't have to go that route, I won't.

I suppose I could also incorporate my RC-50 into the mix to add even more looping options, but maybe that's adding more complexity than needed.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.