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Re: (Basic) Help Setting Up EDP

Sorry I don't really have anything to contribute, but I will follow this 
thread with interest. I'm trying to set up a similar system with electric 
and acoustic guitars through an AxeFx2. I'm trying to set up a system 
where the loops are synced to the MIDI clock from the DSI Tempest--which 
is still in the beta stage, so MIDI sync still has a few bugs to work out. 

David Torn is a member on The Gear Page--and probably here as well, he 
recommended the Rane SM82 mixer, to which he has had a couple simple mods. 
I found one for around 100 dollars here in Osaka, so I picked it up and am 
trying to work it into my system which is currently a single Oberheim 
Echoplex--but hopefully will be a pair of EDP+s very soon. 

I've got a really simple system for just my guitar and the edp now, but in 
addition to guitar, I want to loop various other sounds (audio samples 
etc) and need to be able to mangle those sounds through outboard 
processors like MoogerFoogers and a T-Resonator. So, I'm trying to figure 
out how to put everything together.

The Switchblade looks amazing, but I like having knobs and sliders like on 
the Rane. It would be nice to figure out a way to have options of sending 
guitar loops through a Moog Clusterflux for one song and send vocal loops 
through it on another--while processing guitar loops with something else.

Just out of curiousity, do you do songs or more ambient type stuff. 

I've become tired of songs and am more into beat based ambient, old trip 
hop etc.

On Mar 22, 2012, at 2:25 PM, Jeff Shirkey wrote:

> I just scored a really great deal on a used, but like-new EDP+. It'll 
> arrive in a couple days, and I'm sitting here pondering how I'd like to 
> incorporate it into my little studio rig that I'm building. I could use 
> a little help/advice.
> I'm planning on getting an Axe Fx II, and I'd put the EDP in its fx 
> loop.  The Axe would be connected to my MOTU interface, along with other 
> devices--like a Boss DR-880 rhythm/bass machine. My studio monitors are 
> connected to the MOTU's main outputs.
> Here's the gist of my question, I guess. If I want to be able to loop 
> more than just my guitar--in other words, let's say I want to add other 
> instrumentation (like from the Boss DR-880, or maybe even some VI 
> tracks/loops on my Macbook (I have Live and Logic on my Mac)--how would 
> I go about getting those sounds into the EDP? Is my solution to get a 
> mixer? I'm trying to envision how my signal would be routed, and that's 
> where I'm getting stuck.
> A more expensive option could be to get a SoundSculpture Switchblade 8B, 
> in order to route all of my signals, I suppose, but funds are rather 
> limited at the moment, and if I don't have to go that route, I won't.
> I suppose I could also incorporate my RC-50 into the mix to add even 
> more looping options, but maybe that's adding more complexity than 
> needed.
> Any suggestions would be appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Jeff