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Re: What are the looper features that manufacturers are stupid to leave out?

Your list is pretty much in alignment with what I would want.
For a single channel looper, variable feedback is a must, and for me multiply would be a second must feature. so i can create an initial short first loop and extend its length if i want too. I use track speed manipulation a lot and the ability to start from half speed before recording the first loop is something of a must for me as well, though I probably could find a work around. i've gotten addicted to using quantize replace but thats a pretty rarefied feature that I don't expect though am happy to use and abuse. I've come to rely on midi sync so that my looper and my delays can line up. i use reverse a lot so thats pretty essential as well. Hopefully someday someone will consult with me to create the greatest looper man has ever known. until that day i'll just use other peoples stuff and complain about it 8^)