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What are the looper features that manufacturers are stupid to leave out?

i think the biggest mistake that is made, is really answering: WHAT IS A LOOPER? i don't fault manufacturers b/c the 2nd they release stuff, we internet folks rip it up and tear it apart! and they have to sell it to make $$$....
getting back to my original premise-i think most makers are using the static phrase sampler model-which must not cost much since my: digitech dl8, boss dd7, and zoom g3 all have one. i mean we're talking $200 (or less) pieces of gear that do certain things
then they stick the ability to do a "sound on sound" mode w/ infinite repeat if you want. i suppose for most folks that's fine.
but for me, when i started down this rabbit hole 12 yrs ago-i was coming from the delay based model, and even before that for 10 yrs, i was using my old yamaha 1.2 sec delay and having fun making noises (i just saw it on ebay)
but i guess part of the problem for me w/ the "PHRASE SAMPLE" model-is that they forget this comes from the idea of TAPE LOOPS. and all the pain and hassle those can be (which i did experiment w/)...but the great thing is that it had the ability to manipulate it and mess w/ the sound, ie:
you could slow it down
you could speed it up
you could flip the tape over and play it backwards
THEN, you move into the age of DIGITAL DELAYS, which could mimic some of these things easier.....

I look at the list below, and i think, wow, people want THE MOON!!!
i will grant that as i explore & experiment w/ far too many (currently using vox dynamic looper, dd7, dl8) i am getting closer to what i think would be the perfect looper for me. i doubt it would be the perfect looper for 98% of the folks out there...
i guess i can keep dreaming.....
ps-if you'd like to go here, you can listen to me experimenting w/ my "not-perfect loop gear":

(and forgetting for the moment that almost any delay unit
 can be pressed into looping usage)

The features that every looper has
1) Record
2) Overdub
3) Erase

The features that are very commonly desirable, but could be left out and still leave a satisfying piece of kit. Depends a lot on the amount of floor space
unit will take up.
1) Reverse
2) Speed change
3) Stereo
4) Midi sync
5) Volume on loop(s)
6) Undo/Redo

The features that get left out, but really shouldn't
1) Option of going straight into Overdub
2) Feedback control (at least during Overdub)
3) Seamlessly re-record a loop ...(so unsupported that it's importance is underestimated)
4) Multiply ( or 2 or more loops to allow you to achieve it)
5) Stop/Start
The features that add usefulness, but not at the expense of essentials.
1) Substitute/Replace 2) Insert
3) Configurable Quantise
4) Alternate Outputs