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Re: What are the looper features that manufacturers are stupid to leave out?

You can do those with a Boomerang III, although it skins the cat a bit differently, as it were.

A/B is pretty straightforward; Rang has 3 (or 4) loops. Serial mode is pure A/B(/C/D.)

Multiply can be done a bit differently. In Master mode, you record a Master loop (loop #3.) Then you can record loops 1 & 2 as 1 or more multiples of #3. Loops 1 & 2 are still running A/B, with 3 running with them. You can also stop #3 and keep using 1 &/or 2.

Feedback control can be done with a knob. I think you can set the _expression_ pedal to vary feedback (default is loop vol) but I may be wrong; it's not a function I've checked out in ages. I have adjusted the feedback knob with the side of my foot while playing. Not precise, but can be done.

All of that is why I stopped using my EDP (which was overkill for me, as well) and went to the Rang. Which, honestly, is overkill for me at times, as well. But, by the same token, I've still got thing to explore with it, after two years or so of heavy use.

I still shake my head every time a looper comes out without any feedback control, or at least some amount of built in feedback (a la Line 6 DL4) to keep the mud at bay.

Zak Kramer

On Mon, Mar 26, 2012 at 1:10 PM, <mike@michaelplishka.com> wrote:

I'd be soooo happy if a hardware pedal could have A/B, multiply and have feedback control.  It's what I do most of the time with the EDP (for which it's overkill) but other pedals don't even touch multiply but give, "85 Years of looping time stored on a mini-SD card, and you can run that through the 14 built in effects!"


Oh well, I can dream….