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Re: Re: What are the looper features that manufacturers are stupid to leave out?

I love my LP1 but have trouble updating and am stuck on v1.08.  I plan
to attempt to update it again in the future but when I tried it always
failed so I gave up.  I have the LP2 coming and look forward to using
that.  I only devoted a few attempts last winter and really need to
look over the instructions again, seemed my router may have been the
issue so I tried downloading to the 2005 macbook but also failed that
route.... argh....  Funny thing is I work on a PACS system at a
hospital and when home I really only want to play my guitar and
cuatro.  I will not let it defeat me though and will get it done, I
may have been trying to jump ahead and may need to do incremental
updates, I need to spend more time with it.....

Bob seems like a great guy and I hope he has much success with his 


On 3/28/12, Rick Walker <looppool@cruzio.com> wrote:
> On 3/27/12 6:01 AM, philip wrote:
>> Easy sync to MIDI clock
>> Easy firmware upgrades
>> Oops. Am I sounding like a disgruntled soon-to-be former LP1 user?
> Your LP-1 is not syncing well?   Mine does.   My brother's does.
> and the LP-1 has upgrades a lot and they are free on into the future.
> What other hardware looper boasts that?
> be specific about your beefs instead of just being publically disgruntled
>   and lets get those frustrations to Bob Amstadt
> at Looperlative.    Change is possible.   It was designed into the 
> machine
> though it may be imperfect at times.
> yours,   Rick Walker

Greg Wegmann