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RE: Boomerang midi sync and how to check software version

Yes, of course. I was just trying to suggest an 'equivalent' to a 
single-press stacking solution.


What really bugs me these days is how much great music was produced before 
any of this technology, imperfect as it is, was available. I get a little 
depressed when I find I can't be all that creative with all the technology 
I have laying around here. In light of that I'm trying to simplify my 
studio and get to the point where I can get some good drum beats (sparse 
'world beats' these days) going and just doodle while recording 
everything. I find my best usually occurs when I do no planning and just 
play with as few distractions as possible. Anyway, I've grown tired of 
setting up complex technology only to find in the end I have nothing that 
interesting to do with it. But oh (that magic feeling) when some simple 
spontaneous things come together in an unexpected way and a new song is 



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From: Gareth Whittock 
Sent: Mar 29, 2012 12:42 PM 
To: grantmepeace@mindspring.com 
Subject: RE: Boomerang midi sync and how to check software version 

Well you can get round it by pressing stack before closing the loop.