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Softstep woes

Hi all
Don't know if anyone out there's thinking of buying a KMI 'Softstep' midi foot controller, but I'd advise strongly against it! I just managed to pull the flimsy USB socket off it's main board today whilst moving it!! Such a fragile design for something designed to be used on stage, together with those interference-inducing backlights (lights on: interference, lights off: no interference, and they keep claiming it's down to guitarists' poor earthing setups!), and their software which I gave up with & cobbled something together with Bidule instead.......I'm just mad at KMI's product & their cavalier attitude. And after 18 months it was due to go out on its second gig this wednesday (Brighton, Safehouse if anyone's down that way....). Guess I'll have to dig out the old JamMan, TimeMachine, etc etc.
Dave :(

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