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RE: Boomerang midi sync and how to check software version

I've often wondered about this myself. We seem to be stuck in the "Bronze
Age" because features and implementations that work beautifully are then
completely left out of another manufacturer's next new device.

Every time I look at a new looping device, I scratch my head wondering why
they left out features that exist in other devices; hence we're stuck in a
period of unnecessarily slow growth.

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From: andy butler [mailto:akbutler@tiscali.co.uk] 

Interesting how the different manufacturers work out different ways to
control a looper...but strange that they often don't adopt the successful
strategies that are within common usage.
Rather than manufacturers and designers being protective of their own
innovations it seems we often have the case that they end up ignoring the
existing solutions.
Perhaps that's just a sign that we're in a time of innovation regarding