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Re: Boomerang midi sync and how to check software version

Gareth Whittock wrote:

I've emailed the company about MIDI sync but I guess the more emails they get, the more likely it is to be implemented.

Syncing audio to external midi is undoubtedly one of the things that "takes longer to implement than you plan".
This is doubly the case where you have a feedback control.


Now you've reminded me, I think I'll ping off an email asking for a "straight into stack" option. A couple of people on this list are interested in this function.

Why don't you ask for the simplest option:
"hitting the Stack button during record ends the Record right away
 and puts you into Overdub(aka Stack)"

Interesting how the different manufacturers work out different
ways to control a looper...but strange that they often don't
adopt the successful strategies that are within common usage.
Rather than manufacturers and designers being protective of their
own innovations it seems we often have the case that they end
up ignoring the existing solutions.
Perhaps that's just a sign that we're in a time of innovation
regarding loop tech.

Going straight into overdub( or not) by the user choosing which button
to end the recording should surely be a "standard", it's been
immediately successful with the DL4, EDP, Looperlative and (i think?) some
of the Boss products.