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Re: Echoloop Behavior Question #2

I fixed this by abandoning my 'fxb' file (saved VST bank presets file) and 
reverting to VST default. Still not sure what happened to corrupt the 
'fxb' file, but at least this is a workaround :)

On May 4, 2012, at 6:44 PM, Phil Clevenger wrote:

> Another Echoloop question:
> Been happily using this VST for hours each night for the last couple of 
> months.
> Recently, the "Quantize" menu began occasionally to stop working 
> properly, whether operated manually or via remote switch.
> By that I mean, "Off" works as expected, but "Subcycle" and "Loop" also 
> act like "Off," while "Cycle" acts like "Loop." (I may have Cycle and 
> Subcycle mixed up here, but you get the point)
> When that first started, it was only occasional, and I could fix it only 
> by restarting Ableton. Last night it happened twice in one evening, and 
> this afternoon, it has happened three or four times already and now 
> restarting Ableton will not fix it.
> Has something corrupted?
> Phil :)
> p.s. I am using Quantize to moderate Overdub and Substitute, in Sus mode.