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Re: Why NOT Looping has been good for me.

Although I am totally addicted to Live Looping, I also do a few other types of music, namely composed music, on a DAW, Synth music on a modular synth, and very occasionally.. an electric guitar into a loud amp with a fuzz pedal.

I also have been tempted by the software side, but luckily never got rid of the hardware. And aprat from the infrenal cable/hiss/hum problems, I still find it more rewarding that software, for the reasons you mentioned.

Live Looping is a bit like World of Warcraft, or Cocaine... OK in small doses, but once you are hooked... well you you might consider going out more... there is another world, just outside... and its not as frightening as it may seem, and it has pizza, and beer...


On Sun, May 6, 2012 at 3:27 AM, Kevin Cheli-Colando <billowhead@gmail.com> wrote:
> PS: Maybe the best part of the live looping experience has been this forum actually :-)
> --

I'll second that sentiment.


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