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Re: Why NOT Looping has been good for me.

> I think that The important thing is not to have a too immersive tecnical 
> approach, but more relaxed end more improv
Fully agree with that! Personally, maybe I'm more in danger of loosing 
myself in technical detail...

Philosophically or sematically, we could discuss about "virtual" or "real" 
music. I don't have better word for it.
What I mean is: Yes, it is all music. But somewhat, there seems to be a 
difference between i.e. singing in an acapella group or configuring a 
VST-plugin at home by myself.
I wouldn't even call one "good" or the other "bad". Let's just say, what I 
need right now in my life is playing more with people and worrying less 
about the technical details...

best regards

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