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Re: Why NOT Looping has been good for me.

I keep repeating that the main motivation to create the LOOP delay 
(Echoplex) was BrotherSync!
I felt then and always felt since, that we need to play together and once 
sync is working, looping together is a fantastic experience! since the 
loop guides, but its our own creation, its much easier to find the common 
base and play together. similar to playing alone, there is much less 
"stress" to keep the sound going, we have more time to watch the partner 
play and feel our answer to it…

some of my best recordings happened on a single t.c. 2290 - two people 
playing into it!
now with multitrack loopers and laptop its much easier...

On 07 May 2012, at 4:06 AM, Buzap Buzap wrote:

> I guess the looping experience isn't "unreal". But it's a bit like the 
> whole social life in the Web 2.0 era: We don't hang out with friends 
> anymore, we socialize on the internet with "virtual friends". Likewise, 
> we perform "virtual music" by ourselves - even with virtual instruments!