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Re: Why NOT Looping has been good for me.

same here Buzap!
Been playing lots of guitar s well
though ive been testing the RC300,cause im still getting the ocasional solo gigs and dont want to go the software route
but it sucks cause it has a real bad bug and it crashes so thats going back im not letting anything like that get on the way of making music anymore,either it does what it suppose to or someone else can deal with it
i also got rid of a lot of stuff even the rc-3;-)
but will keep my dear echoplex and my little M9 thats enough!

Von: Buzap Buzap <buzap@gmx.net>
An: LD LoopersDelight <Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com>
Gesendet: 2:45 Sonntag, 6.Mai 2012
Betreff: Why NOT Looping has been good for me.

Hi folks

the last ca. 1,5 years, I haven't been very active on LD - and also, I haven't been looping much. Well, all I can say is that NOT looping has actually been a very good experience for me. So, I'd like to share a few details:
- 1. First of all, I have played much more often together with other people. Compared to making music happen together with real people, looping by myself was more of an autistic experience - a lot of fun, but mostly self-serving.
- 2. I actually get to practice my real instruments more thoroughly. Instead of i.e. looping overdubs, it can be more challenging to actually try to play polyphonic etc.
- 3. I actually spend more time with real music. Not with technical looping gear details but with simply directly playing music and immersing into music.

So, to sum it up, without live looping it has been: more real people, more real instruments, more real music.

Now, don't get me wrong. You don't need to explain me the benefits - or actually the sheer love - of live looping.
To bring in another perspective, the "Love" of live looping may have been lost for me for one of the following reasons in the recent years:
- A. Switching from hardware looper to software looping:
I used to enjoy so much switching my Mackie mixer and the RC-50... With software, I've spent so much time debugging problems, configuring applications, coding scripts...
- B. Moving from stereo to mono:
I told myself that I don't really need stereo and could save on the CPU performance. But before, it was so much fun panning the different loops on the "stereo canvas" or spreading a loop wide with reverb and pan delay...
- C. Removing foot pedals with desktop midi controllers:
I convinced myself that I could get rid of footcontrollers (and I actually did). A midi controller on the table does usually have more buttons, slides etc. and offers more parameters. But there is a certain fluidity & joy to foot pedals...

That being said, I've reluctantly picked up live looping again, but with a more relaxed approach. So, for now, I'm actually quite happy with some very basic live looping on an RC-2 pedal...

Just wanted to share these thoughts with you.
Best regards

PS: Maybe the best part of the live looping experience has been this forum actually :-)
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