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RE: "Mainly Vocal" looping performances: help in deciding which tools

Hello Jeff!

Yes :)
And it is quite cryptic for me.
If a musician who used loopers and knows, sees this table, he can understand all. But I cannot :)
Also, there are strange things. For example, I thought with 2880 you had 4 tracks, one more than rc-300 (which btw is not in the table), but it says: "no multiple parallel loops. ONE loop may have four track."
While in RC-50 says "3 parallel loops". SO I cannot understand the difference.
Oh, damn, so the 2880 has got no undo??? Mmmmmmm. THat is bad because it means that everytime instead of directing overdubbing a track I should before record on another track and is I like it then merge. AM I right?


Date: Tue, 8 May 2012 10:11:40 -0400
Subject: Re: "Mainly Vocal" looping performances: help in deciding which tools
From: jeffloops@gmail.com
To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com

Hi Sergio, is this the chart? http://www.looproom.com/looperchart.php

all the best!


On Tue, May 8, 2012 at 9:02 AM, Sergio Girardi <simpliflying@gmail.com> wrote:
Hello everybody!

I am Sergio from Italy, living in Germany. I am new here.
So, first, a little introduction and explanation of what I want to do, then, at the bottom, the question...

About what I want to do:
since many many years I want to do music with mostly voice and loops.
Finally it is the time.
My project:
live performances (so real time is a MUST) with mostly voice (sing, beatbox, human sounds, overtones, voice used to imitate instruments or to create atmospheres, body percussion), but also one or two synths (general purpose one, and a bassy one), maybe a theremin, some percussions, and other things which may produce an interesting sound or noise (from objects to harmonica, kazoo, etc), and of course some effect processor like Kaoss Pad 3, or harmonizers/effects like Digitech Vocalist Live 5, etc.

Models? At the beginning none, it was just my idea. Now I know Ricoloop, Dub FX, Beardyman, and yes, I like all of them for what they are but none of them do all what I would like to do. Luckily :)
Other model, Bauchklang, no loops but they do a very cool kind of group beatbox and I like their themes very much. Some of the slow ones, very atmosphere, are near to some of my ideas.

1) that is predictable and it is the only really important one now: which looper? I cannot decide between Boss RC-300, Electro Harmonix 2880, and I now just found in a forum this Looperlative LP1. But I wonder if just even one or a couple of Kaoss Pad 3 can be enough, or something else.
So, please please please some quick feedback on any of them, or even better comparison, so that I can understand  what I can and cannot do with each one?
I have found somewhere once, maybe here, a comparison table but I cannot find it anymore and anyway it is a bit cryptic for someone who did not begin yet. If somebody tell me "you can bounce tracks, start them together, stop them together, mute the one you want, change the volume of each one" etc, I understand better :)
2) any idea about which harmonizer is better to put some effect to change my voice and to have more voices singing together? As I do not play keyboard or guitar, I do not need these complicated things which detect the chord etc.
3) Kaoss Pad 3 is apparently the best real time effect processor. But, some other ideas?

Thanks a loop!