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Re: Vocabulary of the looper

Kaylon wrote:
"Just to add, I have my own little term; Reverb-Freezing or Freezeverb: When you have drums and other instrument sounds playing without much audible reverb and just when the snare hits you quickly silence every instrument and turn the reverb effect up all the way simultaneously so that the reverb from the snare drum is isolated for a beat or two then quickly turn all instruments to full volume right at the drop of the next kick drum."

Hey Kaylon,  viz a vis your Freezeverb term coining....

I'll bet you would love the Electro Harmonix FREEZE pedal. It grabs a minute portion of whatever you are playing it and 'freeze's it. It's designed to be momentary (your foot holds the effect as long as you want) or permanent. I just love this pedal and am using it a lot in my own music lately.

Rick Walker