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Re: How come pop music never comes up here?

>Part of the reason is that this list is composed mostly of people
>for whom the word "Colonoscopy" has taken on a profound
>and unwelcome relevancy.

Ouch! I'm overdue for that test myself, still trying to work up the 

> As the father of two teenagers, I am exposed to hazmat levels of
> pop music.  Some of it is quite good, some of it makes me want
> to set myself on fire.

Haha, save a match for me! I do sometimes worry about the future of music 
when I hear what kids are being drenched in from sources like the Disney 
radio stations. I've never heard such abysmal "music" in my life (and I've 
ridden MANY elevators in my time!). The DJ's sound like they are 25 but 
trying to sound like they are 13, just sickening. There's a station on my 
dial (yes, dial) that's between two stations I do listen to and I hear 
some of it as I'm changing stations. At first I thought it was sorta funny 
but now I think it's really sad. Anyway.....

> "dead looping"

Good one! This deserves further thought. Which company will be the first 
with a "dead looping" pedal!  :)