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midi designer (OT?)


This is something that might interest some of you (if you have an ipad
that is ;=)
This is a midi controler app for the ipad i found yesterday doing a 
search to replace my hardware controlers.

I know there are tons of othe similar apps but this one is interesting
for its "ultimate hybrid" function.

<pasted from their site>
It was made from the ground up to be used with hardware pedalboards. 
As pages change, the same hardware controls connect to different 
controls. MIDI Designer is the first in the new generation of 
hardware-software hybrids—unleash your MIDI hardware to control any 
number of pages! Finally, your hardware can act as a simple MIDI 
controller (no more hardware pages!) and MIDI Designer becomes its 
tactile heads-up display.
</pasted from their site>

It's quite hard to explain (mainly for me not being a native english 
speaker) but this video is worth a look.
And there is a free version too. I just installed it this morning and 
didn't had the time to test a lot yet, but it seems well done.
It might usefull also for those having midi pedal board without 'long 
press' or toggle functions.