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Re: How come pop music never comes up here?

Matt Davignon wrote:

There's a difference between "looping" (the repetitive use of audio
samples) and "live looping" (the act of recording those audio samples
in real-time during a performance before using them). Most of the
artists on loopers-delight.com,

Indeed, however when Kim set up loopers-delight he wanted it to
be for all kinds of looping.


yep, those guys are hardcore :-)

and this email list

.....if anyone wants to talk pop loops, bring it on.

are concerned primarily with live looping.

...but there's still a lot to learn from how "canned loops" are used,

Looping, such as that you hear in most modern pop songs, has been the
industry standard way of recording pop music since digital recording
has been available.

these days there's deliberately obvious loops,
...that's interesting.

...but rock bands looping their recordings secretly in the studio...that's 
really dull