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Re: LP-1?


I have been using both the LP1 and the EDP extensively.  

Started with EDP, moved to the LP1 attracted by the Scramble feature as 
well as the notion that it might be like having eight stereo EDPs in a box.

It was not like that ;) 

While folks like Bill Walker have mastered development of material over 
time on the LP1, I found myself trapped in it, creating static stacks of 
material, unable to break out of those stacks and really get  the material 
to move. I returned primarily to the EDP and really love getting back to 
that linear workflow, developing looped material over time with the SUS 
commands, copyLoop, multiply, unroundedMultiply, stutter, prevLoop, 
windowing, and so on. Such a pleasure ;)

That said, I keep the LP1 in my rig. The audio is gorgeous for sure. I use 
it for the Scramble feature still, and for ambient loops that I don't have 
to think too much about. I am happy to have it in my rig, but EDP is home 
base. At some point I will get back to working the deeper bits of LP1 

As for Repeater, I keep one of those on hand too but have not had *any* 
time to explore it. I'm looking forward to learning about it sometime this 
year :)


Phil :)

On May 9, 2012, at 11:04 AM, Cara Quinn wrote:

> Hello!
> To all you owners of the Looperlative, I'm wondering, should I purchase 
> one? :)
> What I mean is this; as many of you know, I use the EDP and also love 
> the Repeater. I prefer the EDP as a dynamic live instrument for its 
> abilities to create granular, flexible loops on the fly which play nice 
> with other musicians, and the Repeater for its abilities to create tonal 
> lines from drones, and sync in a real-time malleable manner.
> Are there features of the LP-1 which would really complement the edP and 
> repeater? -And is it easy / friendly to use live?…
> Thanks so much and I hope my questions are not too vague…
> Have a terrific day!…
> Smiles,
> Cara :)
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