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Re: LP-1?

"While folks like Bill Walker have mastered development of material over time on the LP1, I found myself trapped in it, creating static stacks of material, unable to break out of those stacks and really get  the material to move. I returned primarily to the EDP and really love getting back to that linear workflow, developing looped material over time with the SUS commands, copyLoop, multiply, unroundedMultiply, stutter, prevLoop, windowing, and so on. Such a pleasure ;)"

There are so many strategies yet to employ Phil, I'm constantly using variable feedback to fade loops, multiply to increase loop lengths, and most importantly, replace to simply remove loop content while adding more. Then there are the group command controls that let you turn off loop groups as others turn on. I think one key thing that is hard for people to do with an LP-1 is avoid the temptation to fill up as many tracks as you can with content, and sure enough that becomes static very quickly, I fight that in my own loop based music. One thing you might try is confining yourself to working with just two loops, one providing a rhythmic base and the other being your harmony melody base. Try evolving the melody/ harmony track with multiply and replace functions, fading stuff out while playing new content on top. track speed etc. In other words, the more  tracks you create the more balls are in the air and the more brain power is needed just to manage them all. I'm running the 1.39 software which is still buggy though fixes are in the works to correct the issue that the machine will freeze after  6 tracks of content. But the truth is I rarely want to build anything past four or five tracks anyway because it gets hard to manage all of the parts once I have it all going.  I think one key feature missing from the LP-1 that seems to make EDP users happy is the insert capability, which so far I haven't found a way to mimic. But there are several multiple commands that can be set up from a single footswitch press that I have yet to explore. for example having a single foot switch press simultaneously activate overdub and multiply, which theoretically would double the loop length every time you overdub. please use safety precautions when trying this as I've yet to do so and don't know what the results would be. The LP-1 is a different beast than the EDP for sure and I can't say I have explored every possible permutation of its feature set. I can tell you this much ...some commands do not work with others, for example doubling up record and reverse on a single command does Not work unless you like super short  reversed loops that sound like a hornet just took up residence in your boxer shorts.