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Re: LP-1?

William Walker wrote:

I think one key feature missing from the LP-1 that seems to make EDP users happy is the insert capability, which so far I haven't found a way to mimic.

You'd probably be able to knock up something similar(ish) using bounce
and switching the source track on/off.

I don't think Insert is very popular though, although as SUSInsert
it did have it's day.

The thing I miss straight-away going EDP>LP-1 is the the dedicated Record 

After that it would be loopCopy. the LP-1 Bounce is close, but it doesn't allow you to choose the destination loop.

Dunnow what I miss most going back the other way. Certainly being able
to reverse and HSP one track against another.

LP-1 is a different beast ..some commands do not work with others, for example doubling up record and reverse on a single command does Not work unless you like super short reversed loops that sound like a hornet just took up residence in your boxer shorts.*

ahem ;-)
As the Reverse function ends a recording (like on EDP) that's bound to 
(lest anyone should think this hornet to be a bug)

What you need is to start Recording with plain old Rec/Dub and end it with just by hitting a dedicated Reverse switch.

or change the order of those commands to Rev>Rec (I have Rev>HSP>Rec working no prob)