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Re: Looper for minimal music

Thank you for all replies to my question!

Yes, it's for a live setting - the software solution would be in some ways easier but for this project i'd like to have a hardware solution. But thanks for the software tips - maybe i can use it someday.

I actually already had the repeater in mind but as it is rather difficult to even get one my focus went more on the "in stock" machinery. I also had the feeling when reading the manual of the repeater that - what rainer mentioned - it could be a problem to timestretch individual tracks.

For the Octatrack: This device sounds very interesting. But for using it only as a looper it might be a bit oversized and the whole thing seems to be quite "menue based" for me. But i might give it a try in a musicstore. I actually like the idea of manipulating the tracks in different ways (also with effects)- does this work in realtime when the tracks are played?

But i tried to clear my vision even more and i think there might be the most flexibility by using some "small" loopers or delays(?) in chain. It would be perfect if i could copy my original loop to different machines and control the speed and the pitch and the length of the tracks in realtime with knobs. But is there a unit i could do that while the track is playing? Controlling speed and pitch might not be a problem - but timestretch?