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Re: Looper for minimal music

The only hardware solution I can think of would be the electrix repeater, 
which would pretty much do everything you're looking for. 

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On 9 May 2012, at 16:24, Andreas Berg <berg@brainticket.de> wrote:

> I would like to make some a rather experimental "kind of minimal music" 
> thing with "phase shifting" and i am looking for a looper or a setting 
> of different looping-devices to realise this.
> It's about recording a loop, copy it to another track and change it's 
> tempo or do timestretching on it to bring it out of sync to the original 
> loop.
> The whole thing would be mainly about copying one original loop and 
> modify it a bit several times and let all the variations play 
> simultaniously and free (unsynced and as independent tracks).
> (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phasing)
> I already read a lot about all the loopers that are on the market (and 
> also about the legends that are "out of stock") and i think none of them 
> is really suitable because it is always something missing 
> (multi-tracking, timestretching, tempo control of single tracks ...).
> So another idea is to bring different loopers in chain but i actually 
> have no clear vision how to do that and what the best devices for that 
> would be as i could maybe even combine their features in this solution.
> I'm thankful for any advice... (maybe there is even a solution i never 
> thought of like using ... instead of loopers. But it has to be a 
> hardware solution - i don't want to use software)