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Re: Re: AUGMENTING Per's Spread Sheet WORDPRESS?

I considered it as an option, but I think this material would benefit from being presented in a robust manner, with both formatting and hyperlinking. Google Docs would be good if e just wanted a collaborative editing environment, but out lacks the presentation side of the equation.

I'm going to spend some time on sunday night looking into what's available to integrate wordpress and mysql in a way that would help solve this problem. Although, since the database itself will be pretty flat, out wouldn't be too difficult to their together some php/mysql stuff to tackle this.

Quoting Charles Zwicky <cazwicky@earthlink.net>:

Has anyone suggested Google Docs?



All of Chris', Mark's and Andy's suggestions about creating user augmentable databases are excellent but they presume that someone will do all of this work, which, in my experience
has frequently proven problematic.

I, myself, am more than willing to research, collate the data and reach out to other communities for new data, but I don't have the skill set to augment any of these strategies ("I'm just a caveman lawyer").

I also don't only mean to come off as merely skeptical.
Any takers to create a WordPress document for such a purpose?_

I suppose if someone started it with merely one product included
and then let the community know how to augment it, then we can begin
systematically to make it as complete as possible.

Your thoughts,  gang?


and a query:    Once the material is put into this data base, will it be
pretty simple to copy it and post it as a graphic to
1) other websites (notably Loopers Delight,  the L.D. Facebook Page
2) Gear, Instrument, Music and Computer Recording magazines?

This would be a good thing to do for maximum dissemination and
promotion of our community.

Rick Walker