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I'm experimenting with WP a little, and I am also interested in some sort of db interface. So, I'd be interested in this answer, and for aditional participation in exploring the solutions for this problem.

Storing this info in a database will allow people to search, sort, and filter the data, and thus increasing it's value tremendously.


Quoting andy butler <akbutler@tiscali.co.uk>:

Rick Walker wrote:

I'd suggest that anyone who has experience with these devices take a look at his chart
and send in an equivalent entry for the devices they own.

ok, done that for Vox VDL-1 as a test case.

I'm wondering if there's a Wordpress plugin which would do this?
(I've no idea personally, but thought it worth a shot)

In that case it would fit on livelooping .org

c'mon WordPress guys...you told us WP would do everything ;-)