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On 5/11/12 11:41 AM, Michał Wiernowolski wrote:
Per's chart is really excellent. It contains a very good feature selection and valuable comments for particular cases (all those 'yes, but'). Quite obviously it gets outdated as new hardware/software emerges.........I have the impression there is almost too much to cover to keep the chart convenient,.........Despite this I encourage you Per to update this, let me repeat it (!), excellent chart.

Dear Michael and loopers everywhere:

Per has told me that he doesn't want to add to his chart, but that we are free to use his accumulated
information to augment any larger chart for the future.    I think it important to credit him with how
much work he put into it so far, and would suggest that it's up to our community to continue on.

You've laid out a nice list of the devices not covered so far, Michael.

I'd suggest that anyone who has experience with these devices take a look at his chart
and send in an equivalent entry for the devices they own.

I'll repost your suggestions, Michael with a couple additions of my own.
Any takers?

Here is a list of pedals not included on the charts so far
and below that,  the format Per has used on is excellent webpage, looproom.com:


DEDICATED HARDWARE LOOPING PEDALS (not covered in Per's chart)

Vox VDL-1
Line 6 JM4 Looper
Akai E1/E2 Head Rush
Pigtronix Infinity Looper (due for release imminently)
Looperlative LP-2 Mini Looper
Boss RC300


TC Helicon
VoiceLive Touch
Boss GT-10
Casio XW-G1
Vox DelayLab
Pigtronix Echolution
Digitech TimeBender
Strymon TimeLine
Roland MC-09
Korg Kaoss Pad 2/3
Korg Kaossilator Pro

Have we missed anything, perchance?
Rick Walker

  Overdub Feedback Undo Multiply Quantize Reverse loop MIDI Presets Sync Cut n Paste slices Pitch/speed transposing Time stretching Tap tempo Max numbers of cued linear loops instantly accessible multiple loops in parallel Audio channels, Tracks Stereo recording Built-in storage option can run on battery Memory RAM
Rang(TM)III yes yes yes, last part added can be removed or restored *Virtual multiply capability *no yes yes, only for downloading new software no *no no half speed no yes, two taps define initial loop length   4 parallel loops 2 stereo yes no yes, but the battery is external. There are no internal battery holders 64 MB