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Re: AUGMENTING - Vox VDL-1 data

ok, gonna test this out by experiment.

Vox VDL-1 Dynamic Looper

Overdub Y
Feedback N (except on 2s delay which can have loop synced to it)
Undo Y     (one layer with Redo independent for 2 tracks)
Multiply Y (by resample)
Quantize Y (one loop can be exact multiple of the other)
Reverse Y ( 2 types )
Midi     N
Presets Y Sync N
Cut'n'Paste slices N
Pitch Transposing  oct up/down continuous or semitone steps
Time stretching   Y
Tap Tempo    Y
Max loops instantly accessible 1 Parallel loops 2
Tracks  2
Storage N
Battery N
Memory 90s

definitely missed out from chart

Stop/Start  Y

everyone forgets that one ;-)

Then there's stuff that might go on a chart, or in a comments section.

Mic input                  XLR no phantom.
Good quality guitar input   Y
Loop Volume (only by resample)
Input Volume (on mic, not needed on instrument)
Replace/Substitute N
Metronome Y (can be silent)
Polyrhythmic loops  Y (by sync to metronome)
Mix Down Y (via Re-sample)

Many pre and post fx, but only one of each at a time.
Foot pedal for fx control, or swell.
Loop and FX both sync-able to tap-time metronome.
FX not synced to loop.

Perhaps there should be a sound quality rating??

***** No noticeable change in sound
****  Good enough in studio, with care.
***   Gig-able
**    Try it out
*     Lo-fi glory

in which case the VDL-1 is definitely a ****, maybe a *****