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Re: AUGMENTING - Looperlative LP-1

Looperlative LP-1

Overdub Y
Feedback Y
Undo Y     (only one undo buffer for 8 tracks)
Multiply Y (use Bounce for real time mult)
Quantize Y (limited)
Reverse Y Midi Y (requires controller)
Presets  Y (only for mix/feedback)
Cut'n'Paste slices Y (only Quant Replace)
Pitch Transposing  Y Lo-fi 2oct up/down continuous or semitone steps
Time stretching N Tap Tempo Set loop length with 2 taps
Max loops instantly accessible ? depends on user config, up to 8
Tracks  8
Stereo Recording Y
Storage N (but can copy loop to pc via ethernet)
Battery N
Memory  ? 3 minutes

Stop/Start  Y

Then there's stuff that might go on a chart, or in a comments section.

Mic input  N
Good quality guitar input N (line level)
Loop Volume Y
Input Volume N
Replace/Substitute Y (4 types)
Metronome N (but midi-clock out)
Polyrhythmic loops  Y (by tapping short master loop)
Mix Down Y

Non Destructive Fade In/Out Y Rack mount Y
Aux Outputs  Y (route loops to secondary stereo o/p)
Loops groupable to follow commands Y

Highly configurable user interface using simple midi pedal(not included).
Continuing development of firmware with free update for users.
No default setup.

***** No noticeable change in sound
****  Good enough in studio, with care.
***   Gig-able
**    Try it out
*     Lo-fi glory

in which case the LP-1 is  a ****

reason's it's not a *****
1) some loss of treble compared to input (A/B tested studio conditions)
2) low headroom on output