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Re: Recommendation for multi-fx with long delay

William Walker wrote:
The M-9 with a switch upgrade would do the trick, only 2000 mls on the regular delays but remember

...but I forgot ;-(

thanks for reminding,
...downloaded the manual for a look

the looper does have variable feedback so it could in essence be used as a very long sound on sound delay.

right, so it's a contender,

but a couple of questions:

as I understand it, to change the looper feedback I'd have to 1) hold down tap tempo for 2s to get out of looper mode
2) press 2 buttons together to enter setup
3) leave setup mode by some unspecified action which would no doubt be 
easy enough to figure
4) hold down tap tempo for 2s to go back to the looper.

Is that so?

That being said, I might find it ok with fixed FB and slipping out of OD

In the manual, Line6 hint that it's possible to control feedback by 
expression pedal,
but they hint that it would have to be assigned every session.
(pedal settings that aren't "saved" are cancelled, and there's no explicit 
"save" for looper setup)

Did you get feedback control action?

I'm selling mine used for $200 with some extra switches thrown in,

tempting, I probably wouldn't go for a new one.

Plan A is still to be confident enough on the Vox VDL-1 that I don't
need the security net of "doing some ambient".

I really like the idea of just turning up with one stompbox, ...but two might be almost as cool.