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Re: TC Flashback delay/Line 6 M series audio mods

"So, what's your replacement for the Line 6 auto swell echo?"

 Mark,  I'm keeping my M-5 and maybe getting another for my looping board, it depends on how good the audio mod sounds, I also have been sounding out a few pedal makers about building a true ADSR in to a pedal. Currently anything that is available and there isn't much, is a knock off of the old boss slow gear which was not particularly flexible at what it did and wasn't a true ADSR like you will find on a high end rack effect. Currently Rodney Davis at Old World Audio, the guy who makes the fabulous 1960 compressor, seems very interested in making one. lately I have put my ernie ball volume pedal back in to the mix and have been using that as well. I think the auto swell volume effect is amazing and really helps me when i'm doing too much multi-tasking with my feet and hands to do volume swells in a conventional way. 

"(I also think I ilke Line 6's dynamic delay better than the dynamic delay on my TC Nova Delay.) 

no argument here however , any dynamic (ducking) delay that has some programmability is preferable to me over one that is fixed, I was worried about this with the flash back but I was pleasantly surprised how well it works. The Eventide Time Factor has an amazing dynamic delay that allows for much more extreme ducking settings. some are downright Daffy!!!! I'm hoping they created a tone print with a more radical ducked delay and perhaps some self oscillation capability as well.

tanks for all the info and the review, bill.....i had all of the switches on my M13 changed out by R3fx.com 

(jim rodgers).....he did a quick/wonderful job.....it's weird, with these new switches and the switches on the RANG products,

there is no "clank" and i always wonder if i stepped on the switch or not, that aside, i can zoom around on the M13 really quickly and quietly,

i have wanted the TC FLASHBACK  since it came out.....at regular price it seemed to be a good deal (yes/no)?

You got it Scoots, Im glad Jim at R3FX did such a good job i'm really digging the double preset switch I got from him, an excellent alternative to an _expression_ pedal for the Line 6 stuff.  I think the TC Flashback is an excellent value, great sound and cool features. Hope they make an aditor available to the masses at some point.