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Re: Baryton guitar strings/tuning?

On one of my Stratocasters I have a Danelectro baritone neck strung with D'Addario baritone strings (.063 - .013) that I keep in the 'down a fifth' neighborhood, ie. 'standard' would be A D G C E A (and modal/open tunings would be correspondingly lower). I have found, though, that using a capo on this guitar to make it, essentially, a shorter-scale instrument in 'normal' guitar range but with really, really heavy strings gives it an interesting sound as well.


On Jun 2, 2012, at 2:09 AM, Per Boysen wrote:

> Well, my bariton scale Telecaster is not "low" (currently) but maybe you could see it as "unique" to tune it as a regular guitar despite the longer scale. I never thought about that way, I just tried regular E A D G B E tuning out of curiosity and since I happened to have a spare set of regulars - and am surprised how great it sounds this way! It doen't sound any bariton at all, just like a super Telecaster but with better intonation, better balansing of both frequencies and notes in a chord and finally  much more prounounced fundamentals. So I'm wondering if anyone knows what mojo is at work here? My layman theory is that longer and thinner strings behave this way. Maybe it also has to do with the thin and high frets of this All-Parts neck? Both factors also applying to the Stick that executes these very same sonic characteristics. Just taking a guess here, I need to experiment more, also with normal bariton tuning (by thicker strings) and compare.