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Baryton guitar strings/tuning?

Well first of all I refuse to answer this question until you learn how to spell Baritone :-) ok now you know, I've had three different conversion necks on strats over the last twenty years,  the first one a WD deep six which was cool but I didn't like the headstock or the neck profile, the second a warmoth was even a longer scale length a whopping 28 5/8s that was too skinny and too long for me , and the last being an Allparts neck  which is 27.78 like the one you have. That guitar I traded to Erdem for a portion of the masterful work he has done mixing and producing music I've recorded over the last couple of years. That last one was my favorite because it was on a light weight start body and sounded huge. I typically would use at least a .013-.056 nickel wound set though I've used sets that were gauged .015-.060, for a fatter more bass heavy sound. In either case I was tuning the guitar to B  BEADF#B.  With the longer scale warmoth I would tune to A. I'm contemplating doing it again perhaps on the tele this time but I must say having a tremolo with baritone strings tuned low gets one to that Spaghetti Western sound in a big hurry. And talk about fat surf tones? Booyah!!!! You can just see Clint eastwood squinting in the sun. The one drag being that alternate tunings are difficult to quickly get to because of the floating bridge though I did have success using this clever device to make that easier http://www.allparts.com/SearchResults.asp?Search=tremol-no&x=0&y=0
 have fun Per it is a cool ride.

 PS, treat you instrument to a set of Pyramid nickel  round wound strings.. Andreas Willers re-introduced me to these incredible german made strings that are hard to get here in the US but are phenomenal.  I have a set of .012-.054 on Nancy's Pink Strat for a low c tuning and they sound fantastic.  It would give you a touch more tension  but not enough to make it difficult to maneuver on.