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Re: Baryton guitar strings/tuning?

I have three baritones, a Sub-Sonic Strat (http://www.theclaypools.com/claymusenews/guitars/2000_Fender_American_Special_Sub-Sonic_Strat.htm), a custom built Tele (http://www.theclaypools.com/claymusenews/guitars/1995_Fender_Baritone_Tele_Special_Custom.htm) with a Warmoth neck, and an Industrial Guitars Baritone Lap Steel (http://www.theclaypools.com/claymusenews/guitars/2005_Industrial_Guitars_Baritone.htm). I have all three strung 14-68, tuned B-B. The full details of the Baritone Tele and its conversion are available at http://www.theclaypools.com/guitargallery/lorenclaypool/baritonetele/index.htm.
All the best,

Loren Claypool
genre-indifferent instrumental guitar music
www.lorenclaypool.com and links from there