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half-way decent turn-out at Looper's Delight / Live Looping Conference 2012

I'm sorry to say this, but, most likely, we won't be doing a conference 
next year. Todd 
Reynolds made an appearance that really made the show come alive. When he 
left, there was a lot of 
silence. While I was playing with some loop software, an archive-reader 
who hasn't joined the mailing 
list came in. So, those two loopers, and that's it. A Conversation Station 
server is holding a 
recording of everything that happened, and it will be released to the 
public another day, with a lot of editing; there 
was a lot of silence. But only a few people came. Those few people really 
made the show what it was, though! 
I'm glad they joined, and the only music you'll hear on the recording is 
me looping. Some say 
early June was a bad time.
Tyler Z