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baritone strings tuning/gauge...

baritones are usually tuned to a lower tuning.
i'm not a person who loves living by "rules"
tune it to whatever, use whatever strings you feel necessary. that is one rule i just hate in the guitar world, this "i have to have thick cable strings to get a good tone/sound"
never understood that.
i myself on my 25.5 scale guitars use 9s, and i generally tune to "D" (whole step below standard). i even have one guitar tuned to drop-C w/ 9s.
it takes some getting used to (strings are floppier), but i found that you adjust and all is well.
there are a # of "big name guitarists" who use 8s, and i think they sound fine and do alright.
i think you should just experiment and adjust to your taste-if the 9s or 10s tuned low don't sound right, go to 11s etc.
if it sounds good to you, it's good.
i know for me, since i've been playing so long down-tuned, that whenever i play a guitar in standard tuning, it just sounds so twangy to me...it's just not the sound
in my head for me.
good luck,