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Re: Baryton guitar strings/tuning?

I have three baritones, a Sub-Sonic Strat

Duuude! you have some sweat guitars! too bad you live in the Midwest, I'd be over every weekend trying to be your BFF :-) I have a weakness for PRS guitars and gold tops and P-90's and....... The standard PRS scale length splits the difference almost exactly between the shorter Gibson Standard scale length and the longer Fender standard scale length, thus I find them more focused in the low frequencies than a gibson with similar pickups, and with an increased treble response, though no where near a typical fender sound unless you coil split but much more convincing in that way than a Gibson with splitters. I let a PRS hollow body get away from me. sniff.. sniff ...tear......but the reality is, I'm a strat guy first and foremost, its a rainbow of colors and I've learn to keep them in tune and work the tremolo. Teles a close second, which is why that might be the next bari candidate and this time I will go lighter than I have before on your suggestion Per, I want more bending capability and the heavier strings mush up when adding overdrive.