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Re: Baryton guitar strings/tuning?

Per Boysen wrote:
I have always loved the sound of high tension strings and with a
normal guitar scale the best sounding string tension becomes too hard
to bend.

William Walker wrote:
I want more bending capability

Maybe the way forward is strings with equal tension.

I did the maths a while back, and for equal tension for a given scale length:-


k: constant

(keeping in mind, this won't work well comparing wound to unwound)

i.e. if you go up a forth, make string diameter 3/4 as large.
(and from G up to B, diameter deceases to 4/5)

While many manufacturers conform to that for bass strings(the 105-45 sets),
the standard guitar guages give lower tension in the bass.

So, pick your standard guages for nice firm clear bass, and the little
strings we like to bend feel stiff.