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Re: things not going so well at the Conference

I would attend something Rainer is describing, even if a large part of the 
agenda does not pertain to my approach. I would NEVER attend an open forum 
with no agenda or structure in mind, no matter how cool the tool for 
communicating. The invitation to communicate is great, but i'd need to 
know what the communication was about (looping itself is too big an 
umbrella to book non-discretionary time), and even have a guarantee as to 
who some of the key participants will be.

You know what they say: if this time was a failure, next time FAIL BETTER.


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On Jun 3, 2012, at 4:11 PM, Rainer Straschill <moinsound@googlemail.com> 

> Tyler schrieb:
>> So far, I logged into the conference, and for a long time, no one was 
>> there. Mark had a bad connection, so he couldn't stay. Todd Reynolds 
>> stayed awhile, and now there's no one left. What did I do wrong?
>> Tyler Z
> Maybe nobody knew what to expect, and thus prioritized accordingly? (I 
> know it was that in my case).
> More specifically:
> I personally didn't attend, because I preferred to visit my home town 
> and meet with friends instead. Something I could have done any other 
> weekend, of course.
> Your event seemed to me (and sorry if I misunderstood this completely, 
> but maybe some others did as well) that you provided a platform (the 
> conference call service) at a specific time and then asked us to provide 
> our spare time and do looping stuff.
> On that level of detail, it's really hard to judge what to expect and 
> thus, to trade that off with other means I could spend my time with.
> Things would have been different if there had been some kind of agenda 
> and maybe some confirmed panelists, so e.g.:
> Think about some more specific agenda items, and then get people to 
> agree to do something in the conference, which will in turn draw more 
> participants.
> Say, part 1 would be "getting the maximum out of simple loopers", and 
> then people like Rick Walker or Matt Davignon who simply start 
> demonstrating their secret tricks. Other participants may then ask 
> questions, or offer their own suggestions. Or, if the other participants 
> are shy at first, let the two "panelists" simply start a discussion, 
> encouraging the others to chime in. This would have worked to fill some 
> 45 minutes.
> Do one or two more of those blocks. Then end the thing with an "open 
> mic" round of performances, with 10 minutes for each one, with two 
> confirmed performers, and then others can perform, and after each 
> performance, you do a Q&A/discussion round on the performance.
> That way, someone reading about it would know what to expect. He would 
> get info on some specific topics, as well as the possibility to ask 
> questions to some accomplished artists as well as other participants. He 
> would get to listen to some short performance, and get a chance to do 
> one himself and get valuable feedback on it.
> Just my .02
>            Rainer
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> http://moinlabs.de
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