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Re: things not going so well at the Conference

Some excellent suggestions, Rainer,  thanks!

On 6/3/12 1:11 PM, Rainer Straschill wrote:
Think about some more specific agenda items, and then get people to agree to do something in the conference, which will in turn draw more participants. Say, part 1 would be "getting the maximum out of simple loopers", and then people like Rick Walker or Matt Davignon who simply start demonstrating their secret tricks. Other participants may then ask questions, or offer their own suggestions. Or, if the other participants are shy at first, let the two "panelists" simply start a discussion, encouraging the others to chime in. This would have worked to fill some 45 minutes. Do one or two more of those blocks. Then end the thing with an "open mic" round of performances, with 10 minutes for each one, with two confirmed performers, and then others can perform, and after each performance, you do a Q&A/discussion round on the performanc.That way, someone reading about it would know what to expect. He would get info on some specific topics, as well as the possibility to ask questions to some accomplished artists as well as other participants. He would get to listen to some short performance, and get a chance to do one himself and get valuable feedback on it. Just my .02