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Re: things not going so well at the Conference

I love Richard's comment below. I'd add to it - "and an opportunity for you to teach!"

Echoing some of the other constructive comments about promoting the specifics of the event - I am bombarded with things vying for my attention, be they work work, music work, entertainment, family & friends, etc. It's frankly tough to pierce the noise enough to grab a time slot on the calendar. Heck, I routinely don't make events that I fully understand and desperately want to attend. I agree with some of the earlier comments - clarify the aim and push the technology.
All the best,

Loren Claypool
genre-indifferent instrumental guitar music
www.lorenclaypool.com and links from there

On Jun 3, 2012, at 10:07 PM, richard sales wrote:

This is an opportunity for you to learn.  Don't give up, young Edison.  The lightbulb's just around the corner!