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Now it's been tried once - how to do an effective conference.

Sorry I wasn't there, I'd just arrived in Berlin and getting set up.

I admire this as a brave experiment and a learning experience...

As others have said, the issue is that there's no great incentive for anyone to be there at any specific time.

I propose the following different structure for the next conference!

I think there should be the following simultaneous streams:

  1. an audio visual stream with live scheduled 45-minute performances on the hour, and pre-recorded music tracks for filler (or in case someone has tech issues)
  2. a set of separate text-only chat rooms (this can be just Google/yahoo/someone else chat rooms, not custom software)
    1. social - random chat and socialization
    2. music - discussion of looping compositional issues, perhaps with scheduled Q/A sessions
    3. tech - chat about tech issues, perhaps with scheduled Q/A sessions
  3. for the adventurous, an informal group Skype and Google hangout - but the content would be on the first two.

A lot of us are very comfortable in the text world, this takes advantage of it.

It also means that we can direct non-loopers to the main audio-visual stream and they won't get any "behind-the-scenes" geek-oriented chat.