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Strymon... whoa.

My looping brethren n sistren... 

At the very personal recommendation of Todd Matthews, another venerable contributor to the list, I just ran out to purchase a Strymon Timeline... 

O. My. God.

1 hour into it, and it, without question is rockin' my world a bit... the programmability factor, the midi and outside control, the fidelity, even the quality of the presets, tis a comfortable investment and a great-feeling value so far. I'll be divin' in deep next couple days, questions welcome, though I know I've seen more than plenty posts on this beast here in the past... Now I know what everyone was talkin' bout finally... 

Thanks to Todd, one of our loopin' dudes whose opinion I've grown to trust implicitly along with the Merlins among us like (Too many great folks to mention, lest I forget someone)

Cheers, All.