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RC300 - can't seem to achieve 2 tracks sync'ed, the other independent

I am using the following sync/tempo settings on my RC300:

Track 1: Loop Sync ON, Tempo Sync OFF
Track 2: Loop Sync ON, Tempo Sync OFF
Track 3: Loop Sync OFF, Tempo Sync OFF

I thought that I should be able to play with tracks 1 and 2 sync'ed up (eg. a 4 beat percussion pattern in track 1, then 8 beats of chords in track 2 - all going well so far), then track 3 totally independent. But when I play a 3 beat pattern in track 3, then end the loop on beat 4, the RC300 just adds an extra beat and starts track 3 up again on beat 1. I would have thought that since Loop sync is OFF, the track 3 loop should actually play on beats 4, 1 and 2, then 3, 4, 1, etc cycling around. This is not what happens.

Has anyone experienced this issue? Or any insight on why this isn't working for me?

(BTW - I find it disturbing/annoying that the RC300 keeps trying to work out what tempo I'm playing in even when tempo sync is off...)