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Re: Re: [Fwd: Re: Can I have your feedback?]

On 6/8/12 6:32 PM, bill bigrig wrote:
I have to chime in here. in the 80s, I worked with drummers who said, "drum machines will never take the place of real drums". What they didn't know was, many hits back then wee made with a Linn machine and they didn't even notice!
Here, here, Bill!

I talked about this in an earlier reply to a post in this thread from Rainer...... mentioning the fact that adding hi hats and cymbals played by a real drummer onto perfectly quantized kicks and snares causes the listener to have a 'reasonable suspension of

I really like confusing people in this way.
I like to use drum machines with the quantize turned off
and I live to play drums occasionally to emulate a perfectly quantized
drum machine.

I noticed, early on that people used synths, samplers and drum machines to emulate real instruments. I think it's really hip to try to make synths and samplers sound really synthetic and non-human at time and conversely to make acoustic drums
sound really synthetic and 'processed'.

I did a track on Barry Clevelands latest CD, "Hologramaton" with gigantic chain links
draped over my snares, toms and cymbals to simulate crude distortion.

There are also several cymbal manufacturers who make cymbals that sound as if they had processing on them. I have one called a 'Flange Cymbal' because it has a flangey sound to it. I have another that sounds like those weird analogue ride cymbals from the TR808 drum machines. I also have two flat (no shell) kick drums that sound like the subsonic TR808 kick drum sound, acoustically.

It's cool to mix it up, sonically!