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On 6/9/12 8:53 AM, Ricky Graham wrote:
No rules, only conventions. How is Dave Liebman working out for you, Rick?
I'm so with you there, Ricky, and , in the long run, one has to like the sound of
whatever technique you try out.

You know, it's funny, but I've begun to look at Western Classical music as just another form of ethnic music on the planet. People have gotten really , really good at it in exactly the same way that Indian musicians have gotten really, really good with the Rag approach. In the long run,
I suppose it's just what style or convention one resonates with.

I feel guilty, but I have to admit, I'm just not super attracted to counterpoint.

I know Bach was an amazing genius, but, honestly, I rarely feel like listening to his music. Part of it is that it is very boring rhythmically to me. It doesn't make it wrong or
me an idiot for not loving it,  it just doesn't resonate with me.

and I've tried a few things out of the Liebman tome, but I've not yet worked in a disciplined way through it.

It's cool to get all these new ideas to look into, but I am trying to let each one I look at actually generate compositions so it may take a lifetime to investigate all the things this wonderful
list has suggested.

thanks, everyone for all your musical knowledge and wisdom.

rick walker