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Re: Re: [Fwd: Re: Can I have your feedback?]

On 6/9/12 9:51 AM, richard sales wrote:
Also, I really love the Slate Drum samples and their new software.

Do you have V Drums there, Rick?
Don't know the Slate drums.  I'll go look into them.

BTW, I have a sampled drum collection that I've been collecting with rigor for the last 15 years. I sell it as a $30 DVD. I went nuts going through friends sample collections, different websites, some
of my own sampled sounds.

It sounds from all the important historical drum machines, synth drum sounds, real drum kits and acoustic and electric percussion. They are all categorized timbrally so that they are very easy to
sort through in a sample sequencing program or virtual drum machine.

and I don't have V drums.

I have always used either a Roland Octapad...........long out of print but it had the ability to layer up to three samples on one pad with digital crossfading that could be assigned to different velocitys..........an awesome instrument and I"m astonished that most pads out these days aren't as sophisticated. I also have a Trigger Finger, but, honestly, I have such an amazing collection
of drums and percussion that I rarely use electronic sounds.

The only time I do these days is using a new Simmons 'add-one' kit through a bunch of distortions (and only two pads at a time) or when I program in FLStudio Producers Edition 10.0 where everything I do is programmed (abeit, with a lot of programming nuance to make things sound more realistic).